Hello, My name is Erica. I love taking photographs. I am currently settling in to L.A. and the west coast. I co-founded the Detroit based Lucent Photography and occasionally work under We Will Shoot Your Face.

Some of my work includes the Ypsi Project and This Place is Empty. You can find me in L.A. and Detroit.

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Oh my glob do I like this

the video is so good

mikeambs birthday?! ;)

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Harvard Professor To Send The World’s First “Scent Message” Across The Pond

On Tuesday morning, at Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History, Harvard Professor and CEO of Vapor Communications, David Edwards, will hit the ‘send’ button on his iPhone, and an email photograph tagged with the quintessential smell of New York — Pizza? The halal food trucks on 6th Avenue? The stench of horse piss on Central Park South? — will be delivered to a colleague in Paris, completing the first ever TransAtlantic transmission of a scent message.

The message, called an oNote, will be composed via an iPhone application called oSnap, soon to be available for free download in the Apple App store.

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Matt Donovan

Our parents had parents too—they were wounded as children, too—and they didn’t know any more about how to get it right in this life than we do. Most of us are not victims of our parents, so much as we AND our parents have all been living for years as the effect of the unresolved, fear-based energies permeating this world. None of us deserves blame and ALL of us deserve compassion. Sometimes you can’t really forgive your parents until you have allowed yourself to cry for them.
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Happy Mother’s Day

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Shipping Container House, Savannah, Georgia.

Our dream cargo container house - just needs 1 more bedroom for Xander B

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Death Valley weekend get-away… 

Love our weekend trips *


Dinosaur Tracks! | ©Col Ford & Natasha de Vere

Navajo Reservation in the Arizona high desert between the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Arizona, US.

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Go Forward

I need this printed very large…

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